Our Vision:

Heal, restore, and reconcile hurting teens and their families.

Our Mission Statement:

HOUSE OF HOPE YORK, PA is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization that brings hope, healing and restoration to hurting teenagers and their families through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Our prayer and purpose is to be a model of Christ’s love by providing spiritual guidance, education, counseling and mentoring. This combination of services offers and provides the teens the capability to re-enter society as a God-assured, purpose-driven individuals able to cope with the challenges and pressures of everyday life. House of Hope prides ourselves in the recognition of being a unique program that combines both the teen and the parents in the healing process. Parents are actively involved in counseling programs, parenting classes, and receive spiritual guidance as well. Our on-site school, Hope Academy, provides our teens a formal education through a self-paced curriculum (ACE) designed specifically to meet their performance levels. Our residential home, office and school are located in Glen Rock, PA.

At House of Hope our mission is to change lives … one teen at time!

Our Values:

Christ-centered, Christ illuminating, Life generating, Relationship enhancing and Kingdom growing.



About the National House of Hope:

National House of Hope is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization established to serve as a catalyst to the development of a network of Houses of Hope, Christian residential programs for troubled teenagers, across the country and internationally. This work is based upon Biblical principles, proven to provide both workable and successful solutions in restoring troubled teens and their families, resulting in these teens becoming solid citizens and effective, contributing members of society. National House of Hope provides training, consulting, guidance in resource development and serves as a communications network in the establishment of Houses of Hope by those who share this vision. We are an affiliate of National House of Hope in Orlando, Florida. Please visit their website at www.nationalhouseofhope.org for further information.