2017 Summer Matching Challenge

We were blessed this summer with a $15,000 gift planted from generous donors. You can help us receive DOUBLE with your donation today!

From July 1st thru August 31st, 2017, your donation will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!

A message from  on of our girls:

… Now that I believe and trust in God, I know everything that I previously believed is not true. God gave us free will, which is why bad things like racism, bullying, and hate exist in the world. I know now that the hole I was trying to fill with magic and self-harm would have never been satisfied unless it was God Himself. He has the power to move mountains.

Loving me is not an exhausting task for Him. He loves me happily, it is not some unwanted task He has to do. He chose me.

I trust God in everything I do. God has used my trials for my good. I would have never ended up here where my whole family has received so much healing. God has saved me from a darkness I never thought I would survive. Of all the times I have tried to kill myself, none of them have worked. God kept me alive for a reason, which I believe is to help and lead others who are hurting to Him. I am forever grateful to House of Hope for showing me who God is, and to Him, for finding a way to get me here. I love Him with all of my mind, my soul, and my spirit.

~ Anja ~

You can donate online by clicking HERE for our new secure donation webpage, by mailing a check, or give us a call!

We are incredibly thankful for all of your support in making a deep impact on the lives of our girls and their families.