HOUSE of Hope York, PA accepts Teen Girls on an individual basis. Much prayer and consideration is given to each applicant. Generally speaking, we accept troubled Teen Girls with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems such as defiant behavior, anger issues, anxiety, depression, use of alcohol or drugs, lying, stealing, social or academic problems, expulsion from school, issues relating to past abuse, etc.

Please review the Initial Criteria & Guidelines listed below, before submitting your HOHYP Residential Application & Intake Assessment form.  The Initial Criteria & Guidelines are designed to help ensure success for your family in the HOHYP Program.


  • HOHYP accepts Girls, age 13-17, who are not pregnant
  • Family lives within 75-100 miles from the HOHYP Campus
  • Parents are required to attend weekly counseling, parent visitations and parenting classes at HOHYP
  • The Parents will be required to make 3-4 trips a week to the HOHYP Campus
  • Residents must be able to stay with their own family on HOHYP holiday/school breaks and weekends home
  • Family involvement in the HOHYP Program with potential for reunification
  • Resident must have a minimum IQ of 85 (average IQ is 115)
  • Resident accepted with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems (the program is not equipped to handle severe emotional/behavioral problems)
  • Resident must not have any current sexual offenses/charges
  • Resident must not have current alcohol or drug dependency (our program is not equipped to Detox)
  • Resident must not be actively suicidal or homicidal (we are not a crisis facility)
  • Resident must have health insurance
  • Family must provide required clothing to meet the HOHYP dress code
  • Family must commit to pay HOHYP tuition
  • Family must be committed to complete the HOHYP program (average stay is 12-18 months)
  • Family must attend church weekly (or find a church home if not currently attending)

If you and your teen meet these guidelines, click HERE to complete the the House of Hope Residential & Intake Assessment form!

You can also click HERE to download the form to review before completing the online application or print and fill our manually if you prefer to mail it in.