Congrats to Lyla!

We are happy to announce that one of our girls, Lyla, has made it to the Home Phase of our program!

After 14 months of tough inner work, Lyla was able to be reunited with her family as a changed young woman. Upon arrival, Lyla struggled with self-harm and a contentious relationship with her family, rooted in unforgiveness. Lyla and her family chose to commit to change, seek God, and let Him redeem their story. Praise God!

“This is an amazing program. I’m so glad to be in it. God truly had His hand on the situation the whole time with leading me here. This has been the hardest and best experience of my life. I’m bless to call ya’ll my family and sisters in Christ.
– Lyla

In the final phase of  House of Hope’s program, residents leave our residential facility and return to their family to complete the Home Phase. Now armed with a Family Mission Statement, a deeper faith in Christ, and a new sense of individual and familial identity, our girls are able to return home to continue strengthening their family bond. In the Home Phase, our girls continue individual and family counseling as they work to return to their new normal. As they transition to their outside support system, they attend youth group regularly, attend church with their families, and return to school.

While often difficult in the beginning, our girls and their families are equipped with months of parenting classes, individual and family counseling, scriptural knowledge,  and family structure guidance. We’re here to hold their hands and guide them as they complete the program TOGETHER!

We are so proud of Lyla and her family for committing to changing their story.

We are thankful for all of the support that we receive for this kind of transformation to happen.