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House of Hope York, PA is in the process of building our programs after the pattern of the founding House of Hope in Orlando, Florida, and numerous other Houses of Hope around the country. These programs are extremely successful and include the following:

  • 24-hour-day adult supervision in a loving environment as they progress through five phases of healing. Most teens live on campus an average of 12 months.
  • Weekly individual and group counseling sessions for the teens and their families
  • Weekly counseling sessions for parents
  • Weekly parenting classes
  • Educational program, individualized for each teen. Attended Monday – Friday
  • Life skills programs
  • Weekly praise and worship services
  • Daily quiet time in the morning and evening for devotions

Our House

The home is staffed 24 hours a day by adults who are loving and caring and want to help the teens heal from the emotional and physical issues that they have encountered in their lives. The teens live here anywhere from
8-18 months with the average stay being around 12 months. More importantly every evening Christian adults pray with our teens and then are tucked in, knowing that they have a safe place to sleep with God’s loving arms surrounding them.

Our Counseling Program

House of Hope provides intense individual counseling, parental, family and group counseling, strong spiritual guidance all designed to heal fractured family relationships. We use “Caring for Kids God’s Way” produced by the AACC (American Association of Christian Counseling) and are implementing “Positive Parenting with a Plan” by Dr. Matthew Johnson as the basis for the counseling program. There will be six phases of counseling in the counseling program in which the student and the family will have both separate and combined counseling sessions.

Our School

Each resident attends Hope Academy which is staffed by experienced teachers. Upon arrival each teen is given a diagnostic test to determine an appropriate placement level; and an individualized education plan will then be implemented. We use the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) program which is biblically based allowing the students to learn at their own pace. The students spend approximately 30 hours per week engaged in educational activities. Eligible teens at House of Hope will receive high school diplomas to be conferred upon them at a formal commencement ceremony.

Life Skills

House of Hope teaches life skills to our teens such as budgeting, grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking meals, laundry, house cleaning, job seeking and interview abilities as well as many others.

Christian Life

Teens at the House of Hope have daily quiet time to spend with the Lord and are able to participate in group devotions. Weekly they take part in bible studies and worship services. Parents are also required to attend the church of their choice weekly.


2012 Picnic

Our teens participate in recreational activities and have some leisure time.


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